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Sky Firmware Update Hijack This

Sky Firmware Update Hijack This

4 33 (86 67%) 3 votes Commonly Asked Questions – “Sky Hub” SR101 broadband router upgrade/update – How to upgrade Sky Router Firmware? – How to replace Sky SR102? Introduction – Sky Router Automatic Upgrade The software in your Sky hub box or router is quite likely to need an upgrade to keep functioning smoothly and efficiently.. There are many questions any user may face from time to time and following are some of the sample questions.. The good news is that you don’t need to do much about it and it is one of the steps done for the convenience as it is a fully automated process.. When does the software upgrade happens? Remote Software upgrades usually happens during night for the simple reason alone that minimum activity occurs during that time from majority of the Sky broadband users.. P S: The router or Sky hub box should not be switched off during the software upgrade.

As is seen in many cases users are seen to have switched off their routers and so in this case it happens during day time.. During this software upgrade, will the internet work? Unfortunately no, you will not be able to use the internet during the software upgrade or even operate your e-mail. Click

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